An Evening at Le Cirque

One night the Pinnacle Grill is transformed into a remote branch of New York’s famed Le Cirque restaurant. 

7 Courses served elegantly over 2-3 hours.

Foie Gras mousse with rhubarb compote. Garlic Escargot with gnocchi. Yellowfin Tuna crudo. Poached lobster salad. Spring pea soup with cheese crisp. Entrees – chateaubriand carved tableside and rack of lamb with a surprise second lamb preparation served on the side in its roasting terrine, cappuccino and candy served before dessert. Then the finale a trifecta – creme brûlée,  strawberry Pavlova with Earl Grey chantilly cream, and simply titled “Pineapple” which featured about 5 ways in a parfait topped with a dried pineapple chip. 

Wine pairings all along. Easily in my lifetime top 5 restaurant meals.

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